Washingwell Community Primary School

Achievement for all

Brilliant biscuit buildings!

This week, I set the whole school an unusual challenge… design and make a building made entirely of biscuits.

The children began the task earlier in the week by designing their creation. They were allowed to use a maximum of 12 biscuits and could choose from the following: Rich Tea, Nice, Bourbon, Malted Milk, Digestive, Hobnob or Custard Cream.

They were encouraged to think about the shape of the building they wanted to create and how the different shaped biscuits could be used to achieve this. The whole structure also had to be edible, so they had to come up with an idea for their edible glue, which would help to hold the structure together. Some children used icing, others buttercream, a few chose melted chocolate and we even had some melted marshmallow!

Today, most of our classes set about the building stage, with some fantastic creations all round! The other classes will have a go tomorrow. Keep an eye out for your class blog where you might see more photos