Washingwell Community Primary School

Achievement for all

Vision and Values

 ‘Achievement for All'

Our values are at the HEART of our school

Happiness: We value the happiness of all those who play a part in our school community.

Excellence: Drives our choices, our effort and our vision.

Ambition: Gives purpose to the work of our school.

Respect: For each other allows us to work together happily.

Togetherness: Demonstrates that we understand how we are stronger together.


Our Vision

Washingwell Primary School prides itself on a being a school that provides a wide and varied curriculum which offers our diverse school community the opportunity to play, learn and grow in an amazing setting. Our uniqueness lies in our route to excellence, our commitment to getting it right for each and every child on an individual, class and whole school level. Our uniqueness is ‘us’.


We value the unique individuality of each member of the whole school community. We celebrate those things we have in common and our differences.


Our approach to learning develops the skills, motivation and working habits that inspire a positive attitude to independent learning and thinking so that every pupil approaches the future with confidence.


Our school environment provides a safe, nurturing, positive and dynamic learning place.

Our teaching offers a broad, challenging and outstanding education that every pupil can access to reach their full potential that enables them to grow – intellectually, spiritually, creatively and physically.


Washingwell is a school ‘Where all children realise their potential in a safe, secure and happy place where all achievement is valued.’


Our vision for our children


To become independent, confident learners who have high expectations and strive to reach their full potential. They are ambitious and challenge themselves and others to be the best they can possibly be.


They are able to build positive, nurturing relationships with staff and peers.


They are friendly, polite and helpful,

All children are proud members of our school community who work hard and are fully engaged in their learning. They are resilient, curious and thrive on challenge.


Our children take responsibility for their actions, know and respect their boundaries and understand their rights and responsibilities. They feel valued and have a voice in the school.


Our vision for teaching and learning


Teaching and learning is creative, challenging and thought provoking. The needs of individual learners are met through a variety of teaching styles. Continual assessment informs future teaching and provides challenge for children.


Inspirational teaching encourages curiosity and independence.


Teachers have high expectations of all children.


Learning experiences are exciting, relevant and enriching.


An evolving curriculum tailored to meet the needs and interests of the children provides rich and varied learning experiences.


Our vision for our staff


Staff are enthusiastic, inspiring and valued. They endeavour to provide exciting and engaging opportunities for all children.


Working together as a team, they support one another in all aspects of school life.


Our staff have high standards and expectations of both themselves and children.


They are proactive in furthering their own professional development and keeping up to date with educational initiatives.


All staff share the vision for our school, striving to ensure every child will achieve.


Our vision for our parents/carers


Parents/carers are welcomed into our school and are fully involved in all aspects of their child’s learning, working in partnership with staff to provide the best possible school experience. They are kept fully informed as to their child’s learning.


They make a valuable contribution by encouraging and sparking an in interest in learning at home and school, working in partnership with staff to encourage a love of learning which challenges children to achieve.


Parents/carers are kept up to date with their child’s progress and achievements, sharing in all successes on their learning journey through school.


Our parents/carers trust and respect our staff. They are comfortable in approaching staff and feel their views are listened too and appropriately acted upon, when necessary.


Our vision for our Governors


Our Governors are committed to continually moving the school forward by being actively involved in school life. They are passionate about our school, working together to ensure development and progress for all children.


Our Governors are welcomed into school and are known by staff, children and parents.


They make a valuable contribution to school life, working in partnership with the school in the decision making process, challenging and supporting as necessary.


Providing the best outcomes for all children in the school is the driving factor for all decision making and priorities of the Governing Body.


Our vision for our community


The school is at the heart of the community serving the diverse needs of the children and parents by engaging with and utilising the skills and expertise of the local community.


The community has a positive image of the school through our strong links, co-operation and collaboration.


By being part of the community we provide our children with the best start in life and prepare them for the future.