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Washingwell Whizz Kids (Before and After School Provision)



Washingwell Whizz Kids Before and After School Club


Welcome to Washingwell Whizz Kids!

We provide before and after school club childcare provision for all children on roll at Washingwell Primary School (including Nursery children) and we are delighted to offer the service as part of our extended provision to support our families. 


We pride ourselves on the flexibility and quality of service that we provide and whilst you may not require a place for your child on a regular basis, we ask that all members of our school community agree to the terms and conditions outlined below in case you require ad hoc places throughout your child's time at Washingwell. 

Thank you. 


Mrs Hall; Head Teacher



Mrs Pyle is our Out of School Club Leader and will be happy to help you with bookings or queries relating to breakfast and after school club. 



Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open from 7.30am - 8.45am each day and the charge is as follows:

£5 per session.

There is no access to the building before 7.30am.

Breakfast is served to those children that are dropped off by 8am. A breakfast menu consisting of cereals, toast, fruit and yogurts is available daily. We may offer special breakfasts in line with celebrations or events for example Pancake Day. In these instances the daily menu will continue to be available.


After School Club

After School Club is open from 3.15 - 5.45pm each day and the charge is as follows:

£10 per session

A snack is offered to children who remain in after school club beyond 4.30pm. Food served, fulfills the criteria of the School Food Standards for Food Served Outside of School Hours.

Washingwell Community Primary School is proud to be a healthy school.


Washingwell Whizz Kids is ran and managed directly by the school itself.  As such, all school policies in relation to behaviour, safeguarding, first aid, food hygiene etc are adhered to at all times. 


Terms and Conditions

It is the responsibility of the school to:

  • ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of your child whilst in before and after school club. 
  • discuss with parents promptly any concerns/issues regarding their child's attendance at Out of School Club. 
  • minimise any closures of the club.  It is our aim to remain open, but parents should be aware that some situations, for example weather or heating failure may be beyond our control and we will not keep children in school if we cannot keep them or the staff safe. 
  • provide a safe and stimulating environment with a selection of free choice activities for all children to enjoy


It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to:

  • book their child in to breakfast and after school club sessions using our online booking form on 'Operoo'
  • sign their children in to breakfast club and out of after school club at the correct time. 
  • communicate effectively with Out of School Club staff.
  • collect their child no later than 6.00pm when the club closes.  
  • telephone school urgently if an exceptional circumstance will prevent you collecting your child at the agreed time. 
  • make payment of Out of School Club sessions promptly when requested. 
  • respect our local residents when dropping off/collecting children from before and after school club (please do not park in front of residents garages/driveways or prevent them access to their property in any way.)


It is the responsibility of the child to:

  • maintain standards of their behaviour as expected by teaching staff during the school day. 
  • be polite and considerate to all members of staff and other children in Out of School Club. 



Parents will receive an invoice at the end of each month for the full cost of sessions taken in that month. 


All booked sessions will be charged with the fee only waived in exceptional circumstances i.e. child is absent from school unwell, or there is an unforeseen school closure.  This is a new part of the terms and conditions from September 2021, but we must ensure the sustainability of our provision.


Payment can be made via 'Lunchshop' (our online payment system) or via childcare voucher schemes.  We are already registered with a number of childcare vouchers schemes such as Computershare Vouchers, Fideliti, EdenRed, Tax Free Childcare etc.  It is simple and easy enough for us to register with other providers, so please just let us know if you need us to do this.