Washingwell Community Primary School

Achievement for all


Welcome to Mercury Class!


Thanks for visiting the Mercury class page! Our teacher is Miss Bainbridge. We are looking forward to taking on our final year in Washingwell Primary School and have lots of exciting plans... so watch this space for more information!



Dancing all day long! Two professional dancers came into school and taught Year 6 a range of dances from around the world.

Mercury’s Easter activities

Red Nose Day!

Mrs Erskine and baby Erin came to visit Year 6! Everyone were delighted (and shocked!) to see both mammy and baby in school for a visit. Year 6 have missed Mrs Erskine a lot and can't wait to see her and Erin again soon :)

Children’s mental health week!

Creating a cross section of a volcano

Year 6 performing poetry

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Year 6 have been learning all about performance poetry and have created their own version of ‘Mary, Mary, Magdalene’. Enjoy!

Mercury enjoyed making clay sculptures in the woods, showing a range of emotions through art.

The Haves and The Needs by Mercury

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An unusual take on the harvest message, considering how those who ‘have’ should help those who ‘need’.

Harvest Animal Entries

Mercury’s marvellous Monday! Year 6 enjoyed a full day off timetable today (that means no lessons at all!). We went head to head with the teacher in a challenge, took part in sport activities and had lots of fun!